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One department that unarguably consistently sustains client interest is Lingerie. It offers ideal entry point products to those looking to build up their sexual bravery and will most likely lead them to shop into more risqué areas. These items provide the perfect solution for desirable gifts; whether for themselves or the recipient, it may be a little less clear!

Our extensive range of sexy Lingerie caters to all, from relaxed nightwear and sultry panty sets to racy role-play outfits and kinky fishnet tights. Your customers couldn’t fail to find something that excites them and their sexual counterparts alike!

We believe our price integrity separates us from the competition in this department perhaps more acutely than any other market we trade in. Pick-up G-strings at $0.89 per unit, or a luminous three-point bra and panty suits from an incredible $0.99 You really will be astounded at our price position!

Whatever the color, material, or style, you can rest assured that all your customers. Lingerie demands are conveniently homed in this dedicated product section.

Brose our full-range today, and get boutique lingerie items at wholesale lingerie prices!

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